Culture of Empowerment: We are highly selective as to who joins our team. Those who demonstrate a great working attitude coupled with an exceptional academic track record, would make it to our team. In return, we offer an intellectually challenging and an adventurous opportunity. Our team embarks on an exciting international job while being in Sri Lanka, and they will also be entitled to a substantial part of the profits and be involved in decision making and setting the strategic direction of the company. Since we are small but rapidly growing, we engage our team members early and offer them promising opportunities for steady career progress.

Niche and complexity oriented: With continuous improvement being our core value, we strive to continuously upgrade our service offering. We do not just provide ad hoc support to our client, but provide complex in depth work which will enable our team members to further hone their skills and progress their careers.

Truly Sri Lankan: We are a Sri Lankan company with a substantial percentage of ownership being held locally. Our revenues do reach the Sri Lankan shores. The culture and mentality of the management is Sri Lankan in every sense, with embedded values of integrity, excellence and accountability. Therefore we understand the pulse of all our members.